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The Wealth of Generations

The Wealth of Generations

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What would you do if your skills as a bookkeeping clerk, software developer, truck or taxi driver, cashier, retail worker, or market research analyst were suddenly no longer needed?

The author strives to answer the questions on making a living without a salary or an hourly wage. He breaks with the paradigm that selling our time, and skilled labor is a way to make money in a world with the ever-increasing power of artificial intelligence (AI). He instead proposes to grow our personal wealth by improving our investor sophistication, and acquiring assets while offering our skilled labor only as volunteers.

For centuries, skilled labor has been the source of income for most of us. But today, more and more people are becoming unemployed because of an army of robots, controlled by AI.

It becomes evident that income generated from skilled labor will not provide sufficient money anymore to make a living. For the average people, Universal Basic Income without a clear understanding of how to invest this additional money and free time is not a solution to this emerging problem. Instead, the author outlines a future where individuals can create wealth without working for money. Anderson claims that AI will not take all our jobs away, but AI will change jobs roles in our society.

The present generation is beginning to realize the costs involved in acquiring the skills that will enable them to earn high wages in today’s job market. What's more, is that many young people are finding themselves in a debt spiral. If there is no monetary or moral family wealth to give them a head start in life, many may be left behind in the economic race. Never has there been a better time, therefore to find means to generate income through wise investing to create a lasting family legacy.

The Wealth of Generations™ – History shows that families, which had been able to build generational wealth, have increased their overall leverage over time. This leverage originates primarily in their morals, mind, and eventually, in their money, which they have carried over from generation to generation. Often, even distant memories and family traditions from long past generations have enabled new generations to increase their social leverage and build incredible wealth. The core message of the book The Wealth of Generations is that creating wealth is a generational process, even if only one generation suddenly finds wealth in the form of money. The book hypothesizes that over the past centuries, our morals, our minds, and our money have brought us to high levels of overall prosperity. The book shows how people burdened with debt and limited in leveraging their time today can become financially free and their families truly wealthy.

This book can serve as the purpose of a personal coach in the field of investing, but it can also be seen as the seedbed for a long-term paradigm shift in our understanding of the wealth and prosperity of our society.

The book entitled The Wealth of Generations is one of few books ever written that aims to explore the actual means of creating and managing trans-generational wealth. The book discusses how families can increase their personal wealth over time, thus leaving a legacy for future generations.

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