Nowadays, it is almost impossible to get accepted by a traditional publisher, and self-publishing is just a nightmare regarding the work for the author. 

Our Mission is to remove all obstacles of publishing and offer the fastest, most competitive high-quality publishing services to all serious writers who have a finished manuscript.

In the last decade or so Technology has changed the way we conduct business, how we interact with each other and how we publish our work. Traditional publishers started to hide behind the success of bestselling books, and only take on new authors who are already successful. Authors who decided to self-publish their work get often lost in the details, and in the end, produce – if at all – lower quality work than the reader is used from the traditional publishers.  

This is why Kitsap Publishing has created professional publishing packages that are aimed at authors who: 

  • have great manuscripts but were not able to get the published
  • need to distribute their work but don't find an efficient way
  • need a respected publishing label for their books

Kitsap Publishing was founded in 2014. Early on we found our niche in servicing local authors. We specialize in publishing services for professionals like business coaches, public and professional speakers, industry experts and many more. 

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About the founders and owners

Mr. Ingemar Anderson has been a business consultant for Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years, and has founded Kitsap Publishing in September 2014. He was born in Stockholm, Sweden and has lived and worked in many cities including Munich, Los Angeles, Monterrey - Mexico, Seattle, Tokyo, Frankfurt, London - Essex, San Francisco and Paris. For over 20 years he has worked as executive business consultant in over 10 countries, and he has helped many large corporations worldwide improve their business operations. 

With Kitsap Publishing  and a network of a partnering book printing business (Kitsap Printing), a team of local experienced book designers, marketing and publishing experts, Mr. Anderson’s vision is to establish a full-service company for professionals. Kitsap Publishing has already attracted numerous authors who submitted their manuscripts and print-ready books, so that book projects are now managed by using a project management system specifically designed for publishers.  

The Team

Kitsap Publishing works with a team of independent contractors, business partners and several local authors who contribute their time to make Kitsap Publishing great. 

About Kitsap Publishing

Our Vision, Mission, and Our Values

Kitsap Publishing is a project-based publishing company. This means we are not specializing in a certain genre. We strive to provide the best service all around professionals who have a busy life and like to outsource their book production, customizations, and shipping logistics. Our standard packages can be expanded to include complete book design work and assistance with related services. 

We at Kitsap Publishing consider our mission as publishers to provide the highest quality in print production, electronic format creation and logistics.

Kitsap Publishing began as a private regional publishing company. But with time, the company began to realize that our products were equal or better in quality to any books being marketed in America of the trade paperback size. We specialize therefore in working with professional authors to constantly improve the “look” of our final product and we work with authors to ensure quality content and help them to realize their vision.

Kitsap Publishing is located in the beautiful Kitsap County, which is a unique county in Washington state. The entire county is a peninsula, which combines picturesque ethnic communities with rural enclaves. Kitsap County possesses many 21st-century institutions. This includes institutions such as The Bainbridge Graduate Institute, which provides professional business training with an emphasis on ecology, and the locally published YES! Magazine. Kitsap County is a uniquely lovely place to live with the advantages of small town semi-rural life and at the same time ready access to major metropolitan areas of Seattle and Tacoma. Kitsap County is also the gateway to the beautiful Olympic Peninsula, which includes the Olympic National Park. With the longest shoreline of any county in the United States, Kitsap County is a destination for boaters and tour groups. With its comfortable environment and friendly people, Kitsap County provides a unique experience in living close to nature while not being isolated from the advantages of urban living.


If you are an author, please don’t hesitate to discover this website and learn how we can work with your to bring your work to the readership you want to reach.


If you run a business and would like to promote your products and services without the need for you to pay for the printing of the books, we offer you to work with us and become an Affiliate Publisher. An Affiliate Publisher is someone who creates and provides content that describes what their products and services are. Then, we as the publisher create physical and online material that the business owner to existing and potential customers of the affiliate publisher. For example, if you own an acupuncture practice and write a small book about your work and some things acupuncture can achieve, we will edit, layout, print the book and create online material for you to use. In return, you can sell your book or other material for a small fee to prospective people after you buy the books from us on demand. If this sounds interesting to you, please contact us, and we will be glad to start working with you.


If you are interested in buying our publications, please visit our online store available at the home page of this site.


If you are a commercial printer who has customers that want to print their books or any other soft cover format perfect bound books in quantities from one book to thousands of copies, please contact us. You can now expand your services since we can arrange the printing for you as a sub contractor.