Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Name

The name "Kitsap" comes from Chief Kitsap, a Suquamish Tribe leader from the 19th century. Chief Kitsap was a war leader known for his courage, wisdom, and integrity, and was highly respected by both his tribe and by the early European settlers in the area. The Suquamish are a Native American people, part of the Coast Salish peoples of the Pacific Northwest.

We believe that writing a book is brave and that books are the essence of what makes us human.

Our Vision

"Kitsap Publishing envisions a world enlightened by sustainable literature. We strive to redefine publishing standards by fostering high-caliber authors and curating compelling, beautifully designed books. Our vision extends beyond mere reading - we aim to inspire thoughtful action, cultivating an educated, eco-conscious society dedicated to a healthier, greener planet. We see every page turned as a step towards a sustainable future, and each book we publish as a seed sown for a thriving world."

Our Mission

Forging Pathways for a Sustainable Future

As a visionary publisher with global distribution channels, Kitsap Publishing extends its reach to all major bookstores, educational institutions, and libraries. Our mission is intrinsically linked to producing compelling and insightful literature - 'Books for a Healthy Planet'. This vision drives our pursuit of content and design excellence across our repertoire, from captivating local histories and current interest titles to influential narratives penned by leading government figures.

We stand firm in our belief that the literary market thrives on the diversity and innovation that independent, publishers bring. Our role is paramount in discovering and nurturing authors with high-caliber manuscripts, producing brilliantly designed and intriguing books, and guiding readers towards literature that resonates.

The publishing landscape has evolved significantly since the inception of book publishing in the 14th Century, with an unparalleled surge of new titles and authors in the wake of technological advancement. Amidst the towering inventory of worldwide titles and the influx of self-published works, discerning quality literature can pose a challenge to many readers.

The era of self-publishing has seen a mixed bag of offerings, with a surge in quantity often accompanied by a dip in content relevance and design appeal. Amidst this deluge, differentiating quality work becomes a daunting task.

At Kitsap Publishing, we perceive these challenges as opportunities to redefine the publishing industry. Our focus remains steadfast on attracting authors with exemplary manuscripts and delivering content that not only meets but exceeds market expectations in both content and design. We see our books as more than just literature; they are the catalysts for sustainable thinking and action, with the power to shape a healthier, greener world. Join us on our journey towards sustainability, one book at a time."

Our Values

Our guiding principles of courage, wisdom, and integrity underpin every decision we make.

  • We embody courage as we boldly challenge the status quo of the publishing industry, selecting authors and books that promote sustainability and a thriving future for our planet.
  • We harness wisdom, leaning on centuries-old traditions of storytelling and modern insights to craft literature that resonates and educates.
  • Above all, we uphold the highest standards of integrity, ensuring transparency and ethical practices in our pursuit of crafting 'Books for a Healthy Planet.'

Together, these values forge our path towards a more sustainable, informed, and responsible world.


Ingemar Anderson has been a business consultant for Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years and has founded Kitsap Publishing in September 2014. He was born in Stockholm, Sweden and has lived and worked in many cities including Munich, Los Angeles, Monterrey - Mexico, Seattle, Tokyo, Frankfurt, London - Essex, San Francisco and Paris. For over 20 years, he has worked as an executive business consultant in over 10 countries, and he has helped many large corporations worldwide improve their business operations.
"Literature has always been my passion and working with authors to capture and present 'true stories and wild dreams' in form of books is more than a dream come true for me. I believe that stories really power the world and that literature is the essence of being human."