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Welcome to Kitsap Publishing!

Thank you for checking us out. Presently, you have two options when you consider publishing your book. You can either self-publish using various publishing services, or you can go the non-paid publishing route. Check out our related blog post.

In 2017, we have switched entirely to the non-paid publishing model. This means you won't pay us to get published but we have to accept your manuscript.

If you are new to our site, we would like to invite you to discover our Landing Page for Authors. Kitsap Publishing is not selling publishing service. Instead, evaluate your manuscript for marketability, and if it is good, we will consider publishing your work. 

If you already have a manuscript, which you'd like to present to us, please also consider the following items:

    • Have you finished your manuscript?
      • Please use before you submit your manuscript. Grammarly is free and integrates with Microsoft Word® and your Internet browser. The App will check contextual spelling, punctuation, grammar, style and sentence structure. It is the best and most affordable grammar solution available currently.
      • Have you had someone read your first drafts and the final version of your manuscript? Did they give you good feedback? Consider printing out a draft version of your manuscript in a saddle-stitched version or even perfect bound book format to hand out. 
      • Preferable, please do not format your manuscript. We recommend using only one or two fonts. Please do not use special margins, tabs, additional spacings or paragraph options. We will do the complete interior and cover design for your book. 
    • Have you thought writing a book proposal? Most authors have created their first manuscript and then try to find out how they can sell their work. By thinking about your potential readers early in the process you can increase the quality and the ultimate success of your book. Here are some tips for your book proposal:
      • What is your target audience/readership?
      • How many books do you plan to sell each year?
      • Write down some people who would write a review for your book before it is published.
      • Explain why the content of your book will benefit the reader or why the reader will care.
      • Did you download the free Kitsap Publishing Marketing Checklist? Based on this checklist write down what will you do to promote your book.
      • Check out Jane Friedman's article about book proposals.  

        When you are ready to submit your work, schedule an Appointment with the Publisher by clicking here.

        If you are an existing author with Kitsap Publishing, you can access the Kitsap Publishing Author Portal. Through the author portal, you can check your royalty report statements, access and download your book files, access a full office suite and much more.  

        After signing a publishing agreement authors typically receive free marketing material from us before and after the publishing date. To review the available formats click here.





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        To submit your manuscript you can send your file in Microsoft Word® or any other word processing file to our email address