New Authors

Welcome to Kitsap Publishing, where your literary creativity merges with a vision for a better tomorrow. If you are an author with a passion for truth, innovation, and meaningful storytelling, you have found your home.

At Kitsap Publishing, we operate on a non-paid publishing model, signifying that you, as an author, are not required to pay any fees to have your work published by us. This approach allows us to focus on the merit and alignment of your manuscript with our vision for sustainability. However, please note that acceptance is contingent upon a rigorous review process, and we must fully endorse your manuscript's content, quality, and relevance to our mission before proceeding with publication.

We also welcome submissions from authors who have collaborated with a professional book design company to create their fully designed book. If you have a manuscript that aligns with our vision but require assistance in finding a suitable design partner, we are more than happy to help guide you to appropriate book design companies. Our commitment to literary excellence extends to ensuring that your work is presented with the design quality it deserves.

By joining Kitsap Publishing, you align with a publisher whose heart beats for a thriving planet Earth and its citizens. We understand the power of words and the impact they can create. We see our authors as partners in a mission, collaborators in a cause, and torchbearers for a new era of responsible and conscious literature.

Submit your manuscript today and become a part of Kitsap Publishing – where your words take root, and your ideas bloom.

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