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How to write a non-fiction book?

A WRITING STYLE GUIDE Have you wondered what style you should use to write a non-fiction book? Here is a proven style that has worked for many authors, and you might want to adopt this paragraph sequence technique when you write your book: Paragraph: create awareness, "shock" people, tell a story Paragraph: ask several relevant questions Paragraph: express empathy with the reader Paragraph: write what the reader will learn in your book Paragraph: draw a few what-if-scenarios  Paragraph: talk about why you can help, tell them your credentials Paragraph: inspire the reader to achieve his goals Paragraph: ask the reader if he is ready Here is an example: More than 800,000 new books are being published each year. That is 2,000 books each day, and almost 100 books...

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Author Book Signing at Barnes & Noble

What a great Author Signing event at Barnes & Noble yesterday. Ron Lamont read a chapter from his new book "Smoke and Mirrors" to a crowd of about 25 people. I arrived a little late and missed the main event but at least I met Ron and some people who stayed longer. Thanks, to everyone who came – if someone took some pictures of the actual event, please don't hesitate to share on our Facebook page. Ron's books "Smoke and Mirrors" and "Risen from the Depths" are now available on the shelves of Barnes & Noble. Did you get your copy?  

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Edmonds Landing Alzheimers Walk

Kitsap Publishing donated to the Edmonds Landing Alzheimers Walk ELAW to end Alzheimers #ENDALZ. ELAW will donate these books to Edmonds Landing Assisted living and the Washington State chapter of the Alzheimers Association! The book "Trust Me, Trust Me!" has been written by a local author and introduced by Kitsap Publishing in 2015. Books are available on Amazon, and the book is scheduled to be released to bookstores after the review period is completed. — Info provided by Edward Jones - Financial Advisor: Robert Morgan.

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