The Tree of Ruin
The Tree of Ruin

The Tree of Ruin

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Welcome to a Different Sort of Fantasy:
No story begins at the beginning. The past sculpts the present with fingers too long and delicate to trace, working according to a plan beyond the knowledge of any who still draw breath. But when those ancient talons try to craft a hero's fate for young Donvin, to force him into the mold of the savior the world so desperately needs, they find that the shape of a hero and the shape of a monster are not so easily distinguished.
Enter a world on the precipice, one whose dark past is all too eager to give it a final nudge and whose people must rediscover forgotten truths before they have any hope of fighting back. Join Donvin, Elymia, and Edwin on a journey of intrigue, subterfuge, and secrecy as they struggle to buy their tired world just a little more time before the inevitable end.
Enter the shadow of the Tree of Ruin, and know that from its web of branches there can be no escape.


Established Fantasy Fans:

Some say time is an arrow shot aimlessly into the dark of night. The story is told from the perspective of three different people including the hero. Detailed Wolrd Some say time is an arrow shot aimlessly into the dark of night.

This is not a hero's journey. The main characters are Hero orphan Donvin, young noble woman Ely, soldier Edwin magical power to time travel, power corrupts, destroy themselves by using time travel capabilities people around Donvin make him a hero unwillingly, leader and plot driving force, schemer, without morals, an alternate world not set in our time continuum or physical world, medieval fantasy, reaction to fantasy available, heroes are too uncomplicated.

Some say it is precious gold, to be spent, shared, and hoarded. To others, it is the mortar between days, the web that holds suspended the glittering dewdrops of life. But in this web, there lurks a spider. Few will ever see her as she slips between the countless strands. Few will feel her touch as she cuts and mends the web to a pattern of her own design. Whether she works for good or ill may never be known, but know this: those caught by her threads can expect no mercy, for the tree of ruin is no gentle place to make a home.