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The Rainbow Watchers

The Rainbow Watchers

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The Rainbow Watchers is a story about a woman named Elizabeth who experiences a near-death experience following her husband's passing. Elizabeth is visited by beings who escort her on a journey through different realms of color, where she encounters angelic beings and gains a new perspective on life and death.

The author describes Elizabeth's NDE as a transformative experience that leads to her spiritual growth and healing. Elizabeth's journey through the different realms helps her to understand the nature of existence and the purpose of her life. She learns that death is not an end but a transition to another plane of existence, and that she has a choice in how she lives her life. Elizabeth's NDE ultimately leads her to a greater sense of peace and purpose, and she is able to return to her life with a renewed sense of hope and understanding.

 It is the story of Elizabeth Welles, a young woman who is unable to cope with depression and despair after the untimely death of her husband. After a suicide attempt, when she is clinically dead, she encounters two luminous archangels, Sandalphon and Metatron, who usher her into the crystalline rainbow realms where every color plays a part in her healing and the choices she faces. Her transformation and exercise of free will fascinate and challenge the traditional beliefs of the clergy, friends, and family. For all who have ever dwelled in darkness, this book is a story of inspiration, depth, and miracles that await us on both sides of the veil.

About the Author

Marlene King was a writer, artist, mental health professional, dream consultant, and former corporate executive. She resided with her husband, cockatoo, and two cats on the Puget Sound overlooking the Seattle skyline. In addition to her passion for writing, she facilitated dream groups and is a consultant to private clients. She had been a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams for over 35 years. 

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