Smoke and Mirrors
Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors

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Slaughter County; the name conjures up all sorts of disturbing images. In reality, nothing noteworthy ever happens in this quiet hamlet – not if you're a homicide detective anyway.

Not until that fateful autumn evening ...

The midnight sky was pitch-black, save for a sliver of a crescent moon overhead. Off in the distance emanated the lights of the city, oblivious to the darkness of this deed.

A face suddenly appeared upon the reflection of the glass as the flame was lit – it was the face of vengeance – the face of evil.

A phone call was made just as the match ignited its means to an end. A groggy, barely audible "Hello" reverberated through the phone.

"Click" and the phone met its fate in the fledgling fire.

As the inferno began to spread a single act remained ...

About the Author

Ronald Lamont (aka Ronald Lamont Canfield) is a U.S. Navy veteran and former (retired) high-level manager with the Department of Defense. His debut novel, RISEN FROM THE DEPTHS, drew on his experiences therein. Ron grew up in the San Francisco Bay area but now resides in the Pacific Northwest – the setting for SMOKE AND MIRRORS.

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