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She Confessed, Didn't She?

She Confessed, Didn't She?

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All are shocked when the bride, Vera Li, goes missing on her wedding day, especially Gloria, her grandmother, who’s out $30,000. A disoriented Vera arrives home the next evening to an angry reception by a vengeful and suicidal Gloria. Vera has no memory of what should have been her wedding day. She believes she talked her grandmother out of suicide, only to find her shot dead while Vera is alone in the house with her.

Before detectives sift through a host of Bay area suspects, who had good reason to take Gloria’s life, Vera flees to Texas. She wants to confront her narcissist adopted-father, whom she believes drugged her after her rehearsal dinner.

Can Vera escape imprisonment? She confessed, didn’t she?



T. Matt Ryan, a Naval Academy graduate, served a 20-year career as a line officer that began on the USS Bremerton (CA-130). On retiring from active duty, he had careers in the insurance business and local politics with writing as a hobby. He was elected County Commissioner.  He lives in Washington State with his wife, Pat. This is a companion novel to Matt’s The Revenge of the Banker’s Daughter.

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