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Seabeck - And The Surrounding Area

Seabeck - And The Surrounding Area

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The author takes you into the forgotten history of the Seabeck area.  Discover information about: Crosby, Hite’s Center, Hintzville, Camp Union, Lake William Symington, Lake Tahuya, Holly, Miami Beach, Maple Beach, Lone Rock, and Nellita.

This book is a must read if you want to know about some of Kitsap County’s local history. You will read about how local places and roads acquired their names. You will learn about the Camp Union railroad, find about how the world-known conference grounds at Seabeck started.  Other items mentioned like the can opener factory at Holly, The Nellita Resort.

  • How and why did it start?
  • How many large sailing ships were built there?
  • How many sawmills were there?
  • What happened to the brothel?
  • What ties did Ansel Adams the photographer have to Seabeck?
  • Was Ah Fong’s gold fact or fiction?
  • What was the boxer Jack Dempsey doing in Camp Union?

What a lot of the local people do not realize is that some of the local history is buried right up on the hill above the quiet little community of Seabeck, a mill town in Kitsap County, a region in the Northwest of the United States. There is a little patch of tangled salah brush, blue huckleberry, saplings and a headstone here and there that is referred to as the Seabeck Cemetery. Many of the people buried there helped to build Seabeck and the surrounding communities. Those few remaining headstones are only a small portion of the nearly two hundred graves concealed there.

About the Author

Born during the Second World War, Fred Just was raised in Crosby. He attended Seabeck Elementary School, and attended Central Kitsap High School. Fred joined the Air Force during the Viet Nam War and was stationed in Montana and France. In the Air Force he was trained as an Inventory Management Specialist in supplies, and then ran a research section. A few years after getting out of the service with an honorable discharge, Fred became interested in history both American and local. In the 1970’s I joined the Kitsap County Historical Society becoming Publicity Director.

The next year Fred Just became Vice-president and the following year President. He was a contributing writer for the book “Kitsap Schools: The way they were”, and helped with the “Kitsap County: a History”. He wrote a feature article about Seabeck for a Northwest Magazine, he has also given talks locally and as far away as Grants Pass Oregon.

In 1971 Fred began doing research on the Seabeck Cemetery and the history of the surrounding area. He belongs to the National Thespian Society, and also has 2 awards from the Central Kitsap Fire District, a Certificate of Training for Disaster Control, a diploma in Organizational Supply, a diploma from the California Wine Institute, an award from Bangor Sub Base, Citizen of the year from the Seabeck Community club, Certificate of Recognition from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and other training certificates. Mr. Just spent most of his employment as a cook working up to Executive Chef. He was an Executive Chef in an Elks Club and also a Holiday Inn. For 19 years he owned the Camp Union Cookhouse. While at the Camp Union Cookhouse he received many write ups and was even mentioned in the Nashville Magazine.


ISBN 978-1-942661-39-9
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