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Nourish & Flourish

Nourish & Flourish

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In “Nourish & Flourish,” I, Hans-Thomas Richter, take you on a journey into the world of Omega-3 fatty acids, akin to Huckleberry Finn’s adventures on the Mississippi River. We explore the essential role of Omega-3 in our bodies, from supporting heart health to combating inflammation and dementia.

The book reveals how modern diets often lack sufficient Omega-3 and provides practical guidelines for blood tests and Omega-3 nutraceuticals. It’s a tribute to the scientists who dedicated their careers to Omega-3 research, and a guide for those lost in the maze of online nutrition advice. “Nourish & Flourish” is your raft to navigate the turbulent waters of nutrition and guide you toward optimal health and longevity.

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