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Into The East

Into The East

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Journey through the bustling wilds of Delhi, the pastoral road to Agra, and experience the sweeping spiritual beauty of Kathmandu in Christopher Ochs’s debut book, Into the East.

This three-part travel narrative spans three different visits: the first two to Delhi, India and the third a more in-depth experience as an honourary citizen in Delhi with a side journey to Kathmandu, Nepal.

Christopher Ochs offers readers a look into the daily life, people, and traditions of these places from a Westerner’s eye. With a sense of journalistic curiosity, Into the East details both the realism and wonders of each destination.


“A well-written travelogue is a fine means of transport for the avid traveller of frugal means. Mr. Ochs’s travelogue Into the East is an interesting read not only for the those looking to travel this way but also for those who live here, affording us the chance to see our world through curious, interesting eyes.”

– Amit Dahiyabadshah, Poet Laureate SEC-CIP, Germantown, Philadelphia;

founder of Delhi Poetree; the host of The Great Poetry Marathon

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