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Ferry Findings

Ferry Findings

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Ferry Findings by Susan McDonough is an anthology. It is a selection of stories set in the Pacific Northwest.  which is illustrated by Glenn Wachtman's photographs.  One of those stories is called 'It's Magic'. 

The Pacific Northwest has been our homes all our lives. Glenn’s family has deep roots at Priest Lake in Idaho, and he grew up on the waterfront near Southworth, Washington, ten minutes from the ferry dock. Susan’s family spent years vacationing on the Washington and Oregon coast and at Lake Cushman in the Olympic Forest of Washington. You have to appreciate the cool color palette when you live here. Blues, greens, and grays predominate; the warmer colors are rare But there is something about the misty water on a chilly morning and the cry of a seagull which says: “Be aware. Life is passing -- and it will last forever.” It’s a contradictory message that we find comforting. The stories and the pictures in this anthology are our attempt to express our feeling of the immediacy of joy, the frailty of life, and the longevity of this world. Susan and Glenn Wachtman February 2016. 

The book has 14 color photos and family discussion questions at the end of each chapter. 

The title story "Ferry Finding" is currently featured at:

About the Author

Susan's work can be seen at:

Susan McDonough was born and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. She has worked for the Seattle Times, the McMinnville News Register, the Yamhill County Alternative School, and Spokane Falls Community College. The last ten year she has spent teaching high school.

Snail's Pace placed second in a contest by Publishing Online and was published by them in January, 2000. Arabella's Gift won the Los Angeles Romance Writers' Best Bet for Bestseller, and is pre-published. Susan is now working on Elizabeth's Journey, as well as a collection of short stories called Ferry Findings, and a children's fantasy tentatively titled Cat's Magic. You can find images evocative of her stories on Susan's Pinterest page: She lives with two cats, two kids and one husband.

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