How to write a non-fiction book?


Have you wondered what style you should use to write a non-fiction book? Here is a proven style that has worked for many authors, and you might want to adopt this paragraph sequence technique when you write your book:

  1. Paragraph: create awareness, "shock" people, tell a story
  2. Paragraph: ask several relevant questions
  3. Paragraph: express empathy with the reader
  4. Paragraph: write what the reader will learn in your book
  5. Paragraph: draw a few what-if-scenarios 
  6. Paragraph: talk about why you can help, tell them your credentials
  7. Paragraph: inspire the reader to achieve his goals
  8. Paragraph: ask the reader if he is ready

Here is an example:

More than 800,000 new books are being published each year. That is 2,000 books each day, and almost 100 books every hour – in the United States alone. 

When your book is published, how will your book stick out from the crowd? How can you compete with all other authors who might have a great book design and marketing team? 

I can see that you might be overwhelmed with the tasks to make your book a success. You would need skill sets in areas like graphic design, project management, online and offline marketing, professional speaking and great organizational skills. Also, you would need a network of partners that you can rely on. For example, you would need a distribution partner that can send books to bookstores worldwide, you need a printing partner who can print books for your own promotional activities.

Kitsap Publishing will perform or manage all these tasks for you without charging you for it. Our business model is designed to create cash flow from the sales of the books we published and not from selling services to authors or other clients. 

What if you could be in control of the terms when you sign the publishing agreement? What if your book was available in every bookstore in the world? What if you could focus on writing and talk about your ideas and your book, and we take care of the rest? What if you could receive royalty payments every quarter from us without worrying about all the logistics of the book sales? 

You define what success is for you and we help you achieve that goal. The more books we sell, the more royalties you will receive. We want you to reach your goal to sell many books get your book into people's hands.

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