If I Could Take Your Tears
If I Could Take Your Tears

If I Could Take Your Tears

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The book is now available for $24.95 at all book retailers like Barnes & Noble and Amazon. All pre-ordered books will be sent out around mid-October 2018. If you like to order the book today, we recommend ordering it from a retailer:

"My Words are offered wholly and earnestly to anyone who has been treated in a harmful, hurtful way in the hope that you, too, can realize your value and find your voice."

Mary Lou Moran
Photo by: Clayton Beck Photography
Styling: Isha Casagrande Styling


Mary Lou Moran is presenting a collection of photos and lyrics that will move your heart. Order the book today and help Mary get her book laid out for publishing to make her words available to the world. If you buy the book today, you will receive the softcover book in October 2018.

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