Why should you write?


A book is a very unique and effective method to reach a large audience on a geographical but also on an emotional level - especially if you make use of electronic books on Kindle or other platforms. 
When you contact us with your completed manuscript we will convert your manuscript into a well designed and professionally printed book. We will add it to our title catalog and offer it through various sales channels. With a publishing agreement you will earn royalties from the day your book is published. 
Book publishing has never been this easy. With the new technological capabilities in manuscript editing, book design and print-on-demand book production you can make money with every book that is sold without any upfront investment. 

Submit your manuscript and submission letter here  and we will be in touch with you.


Whichever business you are in, through the years you have increased you expertise in the field of your business. Your customers, clients and your patients have discovered your abilities and they trust you. It often takes years to build a good reputation that will drive more people towards your business. 

But, what if you could shorten that time drastically by using a magic tool that demonstrates your expertise. The answer is: a book

A book about your business and your products and services offers you several opportunities: 

  • a book allows you to explain your competency and the subject matter effectively 
  • it is a tangible marketing instrument for your business
  • it answers questions many people may have about your business but have never taken the opportunity to ask you
  • a book can provide you with an additional source of income
  • it establishes authority in the field of your business
  • it will create a buzz around you and your business
  • it can give you coverage in the media
  • when you write your book it will help you develop a clear vision for your business, and it will sharpen your specific subject matter knowledge as you do the necessary research. 

The list could go on and on. We will support you at every step of the process.  


Submit your manuscript and submission letter here and we will be in touch with you.


You might be thinking of writing a book to leave a legacy for your family or for future generations. You might feel that your personal or professional life experience may be worth sharing to an even larger audience.  The process of converting your text and photos into a well designed, good looking book is easier and less expensive than you might think. We can convert your “raw” manuscript into a beautifully bound book.


Books are the ideal tool for marketing purposes. Small, easy to read books about a certain business, product or service will help customers understand the value of doing business with the author or the author’s business. A book will also increase the leadership position in the field of the author and establish authority. 

No need to pay for the printing of the books: we support the idea of Affiliate Marketing. Our idea of Affiliate Marketing is based on the idea that businesses create a book that is helpful to their customers. For that reason they are able to sell the books directly to their customers for a small fee to cover part or the entire costs of producing the the book (in general their marketing material). Using this approach, business owners can write books about their businesses, their subjects they are passionate about and have them printed at Kitsap Publishing in small quantities (for example less than 30 books). They can then present their books in their stores or businesses so their customers can find them, or they can hand them to potential or existing customers. When businesses order their books with Kitsap Publishing to sell them themselves we at Kitsap Publishing will always print more books than ordered, so we can fulfill orders that will be placed from us as the publisher directly. In this case the author will then receive royalties from the book sales.  

This approach to marketing will not only strengthen the relationship with their customers and increase their revenue. This can also improve the leadership position of the business owner establish authority in the author’s fields. 


Creating Advance Review Copies, also called ARC or Advanced Uncorrected Galley is a proven and very effective way to not only refine your work, but also to create a buzz for your book prior to official publication. 

Typically you are looking for reviews or endorsements by people who are well respected authorities on the subject matter included in your book. You can give your advanced review copy to key influencers, the media, book stores, distributors, or just to friends and family.