Steps in Publishing

What does it take to make, publish and sell a book? 

The three major steps involved in publishing a book are:

  1. Manuscript development
  2. Book creation and production, and 
  3. Marketing, sales and distribution. 

Kitsap Publishing offers book publishing agreements to authors, which will cover all three steps. Depending on the agreement there will be no costs involved for the author.


The goal of manuscript development is to produce a print-ready manuscript. A dedicated Kitsap Publishing team can support you in the process of converting your manuscript into a print-ready text. The major activity during this process is editing. 

Editing is among the most essential aspects of book publishing. Even experienced authors often need careful editing to explore how effective the author is being in communicating his intentions. The very closeness of the author to his work sometimes blinds him to vagueness and imprecision in the points he is trying to make and the way he is expressing himself. A qualified editor can provide insight in precisely these areas and suggest remedies. 

Basic editing assumes that the author has a complete manuscript that meets the author’s expectations by having gone through several prior revisions. Only some final polishing and refinement will be necessary before publishing. (proof-reading)

Intermediate editing assumes that the manuscript has at least the first draft stage but needs careful refinement in exposition, sentence structure and overall format. (copyediting)

Advanced editing assumes that the author is still in the process of refining his ideas and choosing a format for the manuscript. By careful consultation and working with the author the goal of a final publishable manuscript may be achieved. We consider Ghost Writing one level higher still and not part of advanced editing. (equivalent to developmental editing, content editing, "structural" or "full manuscript editing")


Leave the creation and production of the book to us as the publisher. If you decide to join our list of authors and have a royalty agreement with us, we will take your print-ready manuscript and provide the work to turn it into a book. This will include:

  • create the front and back book cover design
  • interior and pictorial layout
  • ISBN assignment, bar code
  • establish a Library of Congress Number
  • create a copyright page

You as the author will be involved in all steps of the book creation, and all designs have to be approved by the author. You as the author will receive typically 2 free books upon completion of the book. 


A dedicated Kitsap Publishing team can help you achieve a customized marketing & distribution strategy. 


Standing out as a book writer today requires more than a bright idea, passion for the topic and limpid prose. Authors need to become business-people as well, thinking strategically about their brand, and marketing themselves and their products. There is more competition for readers' and reviewers' attention than ever before, and fewer bookshops to provide a showcase for new titles. In 2013 some 1.4 million print books were published in the US alone, over five times as many as a decade earlier.

These days, writing a book is just a prologue to more work. Even the most successful writers need to invest large amounts of time and resources in promoting themselves. They used to rely on the public-relations staff provided by the publishing house, but many of these publishers only focus on the best seller lists. Even at that, wise writers assume a much more entrepreneurial stance to their work, courting their audience and an expanding variety of 'influencers' - people whose opinions can determine a book's success.  With newsprint shrinking daily, a host of bloggers and social media pundits fill the gap.

New authors with incubator publishers like Kitsap Publishing need to be even more proactive. As the author, you know your work better than anyone and have a better view of your apparent audience. But, since this 'authorpreneur' role is unfamiliar to you, you don't know where to start and how best to spend your resources. Social media marketing should be a foundational part of your strategy and is utilized by many top writers. 

Kitsap Publishing, in partnership with Social Sapiens, offers a social media marketing package that will: 

  1. Identify the social media channels on which you should focus 
  2. Give you tools to research your audience and what is important to them.
  3. Help you create a digital marketing strategy and plan to grow your audience.
  4. Assess your skills to focus on the best ways to raise awareness and post valuable content to your audience.
  5. Provide up to 2 hours of coaching to ensure the most effective use of your time and resources.
  6. Personalize your execution of this plan based upon the goals you have for your work.

The author price for this package is typically $365.00. Based on the typically non-exclusive book publishing agreement we will keep track of the book sales and provide you a quarterly royalty statement of your earnings. 


We offer below services to all authors who have a publishing agreement with us: 

  1. print books on demand (no need to print thousand of books and store them expensively, books are only printed when ordered.
  2. we will keep a small stock at hand inhouse for orders from Amazon and our sales website to ship out instantly.
  3. we provide a way to take credit card payments and fill online orders.


When you have a publishing contract with us we will arrange national distribution to major booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 


For vanity book printing (only printing) please refer to our price guide for book printing. 

We are using only high-end professional software like Adobe InDesign for our book designs.  We also use modern online systems like to achieve best results for all our projects. 

We make high quality perfect bound books (soft cover format) right here at our location in Poulsbo. We print all retail book formats up to 8.5 x 11 inches for an extremely competitive price. And YES, we can print only one book for you, if needed. (see our price list >here<. We can also arrange to print a hand-made hard cover books.

With Kitsap Printing, our local book manufacturer for soft cover books, we at Kitsap Publishing are able to offer full-scale book printing capabilities for soft and hard covers. We also design your entire book - from thought to finish. 

Our clients are using our multiple services to see their manuscripts embodied in a book format that is indistinguishable from the product of larger publishing companies. Our books are beautifully formatted and printed in physical and digital form at affordable prices. 

We have worked with numerous authors to convert their manuscripts into published books, and our books have even become bestsellers. For example, in February 2015 our book entitled “The Confessions of Sherlock Holmes” became #6 bestseller in the Kindle bookstore: