Portable e-book Terms

Welcome to portable e-Book by Kitsap Publishing

Portable e-books are, just like PDF files, transferable from one device to another. The portable e-books are published and sold exclusively by KitsapPublishing.com. All portable e-books are protected by international copyright law and have digital watermarks that can trace any violations, which we will avenge.

Readers can read the content of each portable e-book 0and copy the file freely between your devices. After a reader purchased a book from Kitsap Publishing, it is the reader's personal copy of a copyrighted book. However, readers cannot edit, print or copy & paste the text of the book. 

Please consider the following before reading our portable e-books:

  • If you received a portable e-book from a person, downloaded it from a server or online other than KitsapPublishing.com, and if your name is not stamped at the top of the page inside the portable e-book, you are in possession of a stolen copy. If your name does not match the name at the top of each page of this book or if the identifying text line is missing, please go to KitsapPublishing.com and contact us via email. Please include the complete text line at the top of the pages with the original book buyer's name.
  • Never send this portable e-book to others. Instead share below links so your friends and family can purchase their own legal copy:
    • This portable e-book: Kitsap Publishing
    • Physical Copy: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.
    • Ebook: Kindle, Nook, iBook, etc.
    • Author's website
  • Before reading this book, please consider purchasing your own copy.
  • You can use and share the discount code “PDFBOOK” at checkout to receive 20% off the retail price. The code is valid only for all portable e-books and you are welcome to share that code with anybody.
  • Please delete all infringed copies from all your devices now.

Do not distribute, reproduce, or sell this portable e-book in any way. If you do so, you are violating international copyright law. You also prevent the author and the publisher from earning money they need to recoup their investment to make these portable e-books available. And you will take away the ability to donate to a good cause from the sales of this book. Most of our authors decide to donate proceeds from book sales to a good cause related to their books' topics.

We appreciate your interest in our books, and we hope you will do the right thing. We see creating and reading literature as an essential part of being human. So, we make these portable e-books  available for people worldwide, trusting that readers are honest and willing to contribute to our books' causes by purchasing their legitimate copy. Book downloads are easy, fast, and instant.