Portable e-Books

The goal for our books is to make our author's work and their ideas accessible in real-time at an affordable price globally. We realized that the current physical book distribution as a print edition is limited globally due to logistical and political restrictions, even while using established book distributors. Also, selling a physical book is expensive due to production and delivery costs and often delayed shipments. 

Furthermore, conventional e-books sold by retailers like Amazon (Kindle), Apple (iBooks), and Barnes & Noble (Nook), etc. are readable only on these retailers' proprietary e-readers, and books are not transferable to other devices. Besides, customers never own the books they purchase; they only are granted access to e-books to read them as long as they are available on their e-reader platform. Ebook Retailers can cancel a reader's account at any time, delete the books they purchased, or some countries in the Middle East, Africa, or Latin America even block access to these e-books. Finally, the tech giants charge an excessive percentage of the book price, prohibiting donating to sustainable initiatives. 

By necessity, we saw no other option to create a new distribution channel for our digital book that met our criteria and can be entrusted to those that share our values and intention to impact our world.

Based upon mutual trust and transparency, we, therefore, offer an alternative:

The Portable e-Book

This format and distribution model meets a long-desired demand from book readers and fulfills several publisher's criteria.

These are:

  • For the reader:
    • Purchased books are now fully controllable by the reader.
    • Readers now own portable e-books and have full control over them.
    • Readers can access portable e-books in real-time instantly after they purchase the book.
    • Portable e-books are more affordable than conventional e-books. 
    • Readers can copy their portable e-book copies from and to any of their personal devices as they chose to.
    • Authors have now full transparency over who their readers are.
  • For the publisher:
    • Portable e-books reach global markets, full global access. 
    • Publisher has now full transparency over who their readers are.

What are portable e-books?

The portable e-book is a copyrighted PDF file that can only be purchased from KitsapPublishing.com for the reader's exclusive use. The portable e-book is a personalized stamped copy of the original book, including the reader's address and email printed at the top of each page. Readers are discouraged from sharing the file with others since their name is visible on every single page of the book and since it would be in violation with the copyright law. We as the publisher can trace the customized link and identify any violations.

Finally, the portable e-book distribution allows us to give a percentage of each portable e-book sold to good cause. We are entrusting you with the book to support our joint work and a mutual goal of advancing our world. 

We offer frequently and publicly discount codes for our portable e-books. Please feel free to share these discount codes with your friends, family or colleagues. Check out our current portable e-book selection:




Something is not quite right with the ebook market. In 2020, the ebook market share was only about 17% of book sales. Why is that? Why do people still buy physical books and in general, do not accept the ebook editions? 

First off, the current ebook model is based on a licensing model and not on an ownership model. So, if someone buys an ebook they will not own the book. The retailer (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) only give the reader the right to read the book on a proprietary reader device. But the reader does not have the right to move the book from that device to another place in their digital environment. The retailer can delete any ebook at any time and when the retailer goes out of business, all the ebooks are reader owns will be gone. 

People like to own artwork, literature and other creative work. They want to show it to people, and they like to see the artifacts, even if it just is on their file drive or computer. They like to be sure that the book will be there, no matter what happens to the retailer or the world. 

This is why Kitsap Publishing has decided to offer another way of digital book distribution. 

Examples of Portable e-Books

Portable e-books are regular PDF files that are watermarked and stamped with the purchaser's name and address. So, when readers purchase a portable e-book from Kitsap Publishing they will receive PDF files that are uniquely linked to them with their name and address on every page of the book. This way, readers will discouraged to share the portable e-book with everybody because of they don't want their name and address on the book. Also, readers cannot print or copy & paste content from the book. But they have full access to the book and can copy and move the PDF file between their own computers. They own the file and nobody can modify or take it away from them. 

We believe this is the future of digital book publishing. We will add more portable e-books going forward to our system. You can find a current list of all our available PDF editions of our books here: 



Portable e-Book Readers

To have the best experience when reading the books, we recommend two powerful and easy to use, and free portable e-book readers that work on your smart phone, tablet and computer: