What is print-ready?

A print-ready book has a completed cover and interior design. However, to add the ISBN, barcode, QR code and to adjust the spine for printing, we would need the original files – typically saved in Adobe InDesign (.indd or .idml), special fonts (.ttf), and other artwork in .jpg, .png, .ai or any other graphic design file format.   

What if my files are not print-ready yet?

No worries. We have worked with numerous authors from scratch and produced their entire books starting with just a plain Word file. We can offer you separate services for cover design, interior layout, and graphic design.

How do we ship?

We can work with your preferred shipping partner, or we can ship via our proven shipping methods.

What is in-house printing?

Kitsap Publishing shares the facility and some of the staff with a printing company that does the printing of the books right here in our Poulsbo facility. Short communication ways and instant accessibility gives us the ability to create a book exactly how you want it.

Can I customize my book for each print run?

Yes. There is no additional charge for making simple customization like for example personalized banners on the book cover and other pages like a dedication page (see sample below).

What do we consider a ‘Professional Speaker’?

A professional earns their living from a specified professional activity. If you wrote a book about your field of expertise, and if you have a readership, clientele, and a larger fellowship, you are considered a professional under our program.

How are my royalties calculated?

With this program, the author is entitled to forty percent (40%) of net receipts from the book sales from the Publisher. Net receipts are the payments that Publisher receives from sales of Work, fewer production costs, and distribution charges, returns and credit card facilitation fees. Taxes, shipping and handling charges will be paid by the customer in addition to the retail price, and are not relevant for the royalty calculation. Royalties are not paid for copies sold by the Author directly.

What is a Galley Proof?

Galley Proofs are preliminary used for author reviews and editors in-house or publishing partners. We will always provide you with a galley proof if you request it before we start the print run. 

What is an Advance Review Copy (ARC)?

An Advance Review Copy of a book is a perfect bound book (softcover book) that can be used to distribute to booksellers, journalists, key influencers, subject matter experts and distributors before the official book release. 

The purpose of ARCs is to generate early buzz and reviews, encourage purchases, and assist librarians and booksellers in deciding whether or not to buy a particular book for their collection/stock. These books might slightly differ from the official edition. This version is also called Advanced Uncorrected Galley.

I don’t want to publish my book the traditional way – I just like to use a book to promote my business. Can you help?

Yes. This is what we are here for. We will help you produce your book. This can include editing, layout, design, printing and shipping logistic. Our standard package includes book printing and logistic.  

Can my book be published as an ebook?

Yes. All our titles are set up to be released on Kindle and other ebook readers. You as the author decide when and for what price the ebook will be listed.

Will I keep the copyrights to my work?

Yes. You will retain all copyrights to your work and the book. In our publishing agreement, you will give us only the right to create a book from your manuscript, market and sell the finished book. We will not sell your manuscript or any rights attached to it. The agreement is not exclusive so that you can get your book out via other channels, and you can cancel the agreement at any time. 

Will I get an ISBN including a barcode and will it be listed on Amazon?

Yes. We assign the ISBN and create the barcode that goes on your book. You should register your book at the Library of Congress.  Listing books on Amazon has become a quasi-standard for all books. Readers look on Amazon and read and post reviews about books, and ordering books have become a simple task using the Amazon mobile app or a web browser. We will publish your book on Amazon and other platforms.

Will we make you a Bestselling Author?

Very likely Not. However, we will offer valuable services for your own promotional, marketing and other professional activities, so you can implement your business strategy successfully. We will also run and fund marketing campaigns for your book depending on the marketability of your book. Our secondary goal is to make your book visible on as many platforms as possible to sell your book and to pay you royalties.